Wednesday, May 16, 2012

$300 Reward Offered For Information Related To Abused Dog - WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson | Your Local News Leader

$300 Reward Offered For Information Related To Abused Dog - WLNS TV 6 Lansing - Jackson | Your Local News Leader

The owner who neglected and abandoned the poor husk pup is found.  You can find out more of the updates through the link.

Some people are just so bad.  Why get a pet if you know you cannot take care of them?  I have 8 pets myself and I could never imagine nor see one of them suffering.  I could not take that!

That impertinent must be put to jail!!!

Note:  The link is not an ads, it is the right link to the website that tells more about Odie the husky puppy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simon's Cat in 'Catnap'

That baby kitty is so cute. Love Simon's Cat. =)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Duchess - In Rainbow Bridge

It is so sad that I had to go back without any good news or happy thoughts. Duchess, my beloved kitty passed away last August 29, 2010. Cancer got her. She had a good fight. Her vet said that she only had 3 or 4 weeks to live but she made it till over 2 months then she finally gave in. We did everything to made her feel a little better so she won't suffer from any pain. She was hospitalized for 2 weeks and I had to tube-feed her when she got home from the hospital. After a week or two, the vets removed her feeding tube because she started eating on her own, but she was not the same old self. Her regular vet suggested to put her down but I refused. I could not see her die just like that, without us doing any other options. I was so glad that my husband listened to me. Duchess died peacefully, no pain, no sufferings and with her family beside her. She died in her sleep. We were so sad that very day but relieved that we gave the best for her till her last day with us. December 1 was her birthday and we will always remember her days when she was still her with us. I am missing her growls, meows, snaps and demands. Our little Duchess is now in Rainbow Bridge. Happy birthday, Her majesty. We miss you so very much...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Harley Has Not Been Found...

BLANCO TX! Harley went missing from his home in Blanco Texas on 6-13-2010,. He weighs approx. 85lbs, his left front paw has a large calcium deposit on it, this causes the foot to look swollen, it always looks this way. It is his "tattoo". You can contact us @ 512-8...45-2094 or Please help us find him! Thank You

Anyone who saw Harley, please contact the number given above. Harley is a beloved pet and a special part of his owner/family. Thank you so much.